B. Strozzi, F. Caccini, C. Assandra, I. Leonarda - Il Canto delle Dame
[Label Ambronay]

Amandine Beyer, Alba Roca, violins | Sylvie Moquet, viola da gamba | Mara Galassi, harp
Jean-Marc Aymes, harpsichord, organ & direction

‪A Tribute to the composers of Italian Seicento, to their creation urge, beyond social conventions, these works of a great emotion, the lightening voice of María Cristina Kiehr and the virtuosity of Jean-Marc Aymes' Concerto Soave make of Il Canto delle Dame a moment of pure pleasure, intense musical bubbling to the roots of modern music.
Lamentazioni per la Settimana Santa
[Harmonia Mundi]

‪"These exquisite solo settings of the Lamentations of Jeremiah (...) demonstrate how religious ritual and drama coincided during the late Renaissance and early baroque periods. (...) Kiehr has an angelic voice (...) and is superbly accompanied by early period ensemble Concerto Soave (...). An inspirated disc.”.‬
Hugh Canning, Sunday Times, may 2007, Référence Cd
Claudio Monteverdi - Scherzi Musicali
[Harmonia Mundi]

"Little by little, Concerto Soave has emerged as an ensemble of reference in interpreting early 17th century music. Aymes gathers famous artists of the historicist movement (...). And with such personalities, no wonder that the ending result should be that outstanding. A real delight."
Eduardo Torrico, CD Compact, september 2005

Alessandro Scarlatti - Bella madre de’ fiori (Cantatas)
[Harmonia Mundi - Second edition HM-Gold 2009]

"Kiehr, her soprano seductively colored with an underlying fruitiness, relishes as much as the half-dozen members of Concerto Soave the elegantly expressive intensity of each work, and controls every nuance immaculately."
The Sunday Times


Mazzochi, Frescobaldi, Rossi… - Canta la Maddalena (motetes romanos)
[Harmonia Mundi - Second edition HM-Gold 2008]

"... One cannot but succumb to the sweetness of her charming voice, [...], one can only be touched by the moving simplicity of the complain A piè della gran Croce, an atypical spiritual sonnet by Frescobaldi, or by the beautiful drag effects on the chromatics of Mazzochi's bitter tears… The evocative power of interpretation is also indebted to the excellence of the four continuo players, providing an attentive and inspired support."
Denis Morrier, Diapason


Sigismondo D’India - Madrigali e Canzonette
[Harmonia Mundi]

"The performance of María Cristina Kiehr is remarkable, which is not a surprise. Clear diction, a consummate art of declamation and a dramatic sense second to none... [...] All the delicate instrumental colors are a perpetual pleasure..."‬
Christelle Cazaux, Répertoire


Claudio Monteverdi
Pianto della Madonna
(motets for solo voice)

[Harmonia Mundi]


Giovanni-Felice Sances
Motetti e cantade
a voce sola

[l’Empreinte digitale]

Barbara Strozzi
Sacri Musicali Affetti

[l’Empreinte digitale]
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