Complete Frescobaldi Collection
[Records Ligia Digital, distribution Harmonia Mundi]

Fantasie (1608) - Recercari e Canzoni Franzese (1615) - Fiori Musicali (1635)
This is the last volume of the complete edited keyboard music collection by Girolamo Frescobaldi, the first complete collection to be performed by the same interpreter. Next to the famous collection of Fiori Musicali, a masterpiece of maturity of the composer, this volume reveals the rare 1608’s Fantasie, first volume edited by Girolamo, and the Recercari e Canzoni Franzese’s contrapuntal ingenuity peaks. Jean-Marc Aymes partnered with his Concerto Soave accomplices: a quartet of two violins and two violas da gamba, and the harpist Mara Galassi, offering in particular a new vision for some parts of Fiori Musicali.

"Perfectly honed to the rhetoric of this language, he distills the tensions with originality and rest, very subtly illuminates certain rhythms while retaining absolute control over the form. This natural authority, perhaps even more sensitive than in the previous volumes, is manifested in both the most concise galliards than in the darkest arrogance of toccatas, which have found one of their major performer."‬
Philippe Ramin, Diapason, september 2009
‪"(...) We are constantly admiring the evidence of tempos, the sensual and expressive virtuosity, the eloquent interiority of instrumental playing, the perfect balance between form and content. Only, perhaps, Leonhardt went further in this collection. "‬
Philippe Ramin, Diapason, june 2007

"(...) In terms of style as of affetti, this disc is perhaps the best tribute to this day devoted to Frescobaldi, originator of all baroque new keyboard music.‬"
Roger Tellart Goldberg, april 2006

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